Tuesday, August 4, 2015


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but, yet, while, whereas, however, nevertheless, nonetheless, on the other hand, on the contrary, although,
even though, though, despite, in spite of, despite the fact that, in spite of the fact that, etc.
because, because of, due to, since, as, because of the fact that, owing to, owing to the fact that, etc.
and, besides, in addition to, as well as, moreover, furthermore, etc.
so, so … that, such … that, therefore, hence, consequently, that is why, etc.
so that, in order that, in the hope that, to + verb1, etc.
if, unless, even if, only if, if only, provided that, providing that, as long as, so long as, on condition that, etc.
or, otherwise, or else, etc.
after, before, since, until, when, while, till, as, etc.
as, as if, as though, etc.

Correlative Conjunction

Hasil gambar untuk image of correlative conjunction

1.    both ___ and
2.    either ___ or
3.    neither ___ nor
4.    whether ___ or
5.    so ___ that
6.    such ___ that
7.    not only ___ but also
 not only ___ but ___ as well

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Modal Perfect

Hasil gambar untuk image modal perfect

Study these sentences.  Pay special attention to the words in bold.

1.     The window is open. The thief must have entered the room through the window. (I am sure that the thief entered through the window.)
2.   Jack was absent yesterday. He might have been ill. (May be he was ill.)
3.   He doesn’t know about the accident. You should (ought to) have told him about it yesterday.
4.   I waited for you until noon but you didn’t show up. You should (ought to) have informed me that you couldn’t come.
5. I was sleepy at the party. I could have taken a nap before the party. ( but I didn't take a nap)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fasting 2

This is the second part of  the topic of Fasting.
There are still many things we can talk about it.
So, let's start now...
image fasting Ramadhan

Offices, schools, and business centres begin their activities a bit later during fasting month. It is because they respect who are fasting.

Do you agree?

Some people reduce their regular activities when fasting, while others are able to do their regular activities.

Is it true?


Morning prayers (Shubuh) and evening prayers (Tarawih) are conducted regularly at all mosques.

Who normally attends these prayers?

What purposes do they have?

Breaking the fast is another interesting moment for Moslems. At schools, campuses, offices, etc, there is always fast breaking together. Everybody is invited to join this. It is also a good moment for them to talk together, to share, and to know each other better.

When do they usually do fast breaking together?

Can you mention other purposes of  fast breaking together?

Fasting regularly is believed to make our body healthier.

Is it true?


If somebody has a stomach problem or is sick, it is better not to fast.

Do you agree with this?

Who else do you think is not allowed to fast?

Why aren't they allowed?

Some people may gain weight and some other people may spend more money on food during the fasting month.

Do you agree with this?

Can you give examples from your  or your family's experience?

Many people do not fast because of  different beliefs or other reasons.

How can these people respect those who fast?

Do you agree that political and social situation (gambling, violence, demonstration, anger, etc) seem to become smaller in quantity/reduced during the fasting month?

Explain your opinion.

Which businesses are not allowed to run during the fasting month?


Are they legal businesses?

If they are not legal, they should not be allowed at any time.

What do you think?

Do you have any further information about fasting? 

Please explain...

[Reference: Leo, Sutanto (2006) English for leisure Time Speaking, Jakarta Gramedia Pustaka Utama]

Personal Information

All the questions here are usually asked to you for introducing yourself. Please answer the questions freely.

Hasil gambar untuk image personal information

What's your full name, please?

How can I call you? / What's your short name?

Friday, July 3, 2015

Present Perfect

present perfect

A. Study this example situation.

      Tony is looking for his key. He can't find it.
       He has lost his key.
       ' He has lost his key' means that he lost it a short time ago and he still hasn't got it.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

More Exercises of Making Questions

how to make questions
Here are more exercises of making questions. Before doing it, see the examples within.

      (See example at no. 1)



People sometimes have problem how to make questions in English. They are confused whether they should use to be, or question words. Here are some types of question.  You can practise making questions based on the texts below.